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For an estimate please call 608-588-2422 or email us at newtonsautorestoration@frontier.com


All Estimates are truly estimates as there are sometimes too many details to include for an accurate final estimate.

Because of the many unforeseen repairs that may be hidden from the naked eye during initial assessment of a future project it is not possible to accurately predict an accurate cost of any restoration project.  The actual cost of the project is only revealed during the early process of the project tear down.  For this reason all of our restorations are done on a time and materials basis.  Each project will have it's own unique set of repair challenges that will have to be met during each and every project to insure the highest quality finished product available to each and every client that walks through the doors at Newton's Auto Restoration.

  A completely accurate estimate can be made for those vehicles that are fully disassembled, stripped of all body parts, chrome, glass, suspension, interior, paint and any undercoating that may be present and then documented for condition, shape and restorability to original condition.  At this point only would the true assessment of and accurate estimate be able to be made.  Obviously the disassembly and analysis of the project vehicle is a time consuming process that will need to be paid for by the owner of said project vehicle before any further progress to the vehicle will be made.

Because of the reasons listed above, the initial cost estimates are simple and truly estimations of the cost of the project base on the initial assessment.  Remember, the idea of an "inexpensive" restoration is just one of the many myths held by people that do not fully understand the true meaning of Auto Restoration.  Therefore, the owner of each and every potential project vehicle must be able and willing to make a substantial financial commitment  before deciding on doing a restoration project.   It is truly a huge undertaking.

Thank you, Todd Newton